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HomeFest 2018 Presented by Booking.com

This November the energy level will be cranked up for a new and unique festival-style event. HomeFest will inspire you to see the potential of your home and the ways you can mesh your living space with your life stage to create a vibe that is more in-tune to you. It’s tricky to navigate those sharp turns and bumps along the highway of life. As you evolve, you want your living space and lifestyle to evolve with you. When your life phase changes, how can/does your living space change? Instead of telling you, HomeFest is ready to show you all the ways you can adapt your space to reflect where you are in your journey of life, while letting you get up close and hands-on throughout the entire process.

Stop by the Booking.com feature exhibit at HomeFest to receive an exclusive show attendee offer when you sign up to list your home!

This event is FREE.