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Get Noticed and Get Hired with Alli Mang’s International Best-Selling Book!

What: Alli Mang’s Your First Moment Earns You More Moments – Stand Out in Today’s Job Market is filled with tips and information for people who are looking to make a change or for those who find themselves out of work.

About: Finding meaningful employment is getting increasingly more difficult in today’s global job market. In order to get hired you need to fully understand how to sell yourself and know what differentiates you from the competition. Your First Moment Earns You More Moments is a concise book filled with easy to apply results-oriented principles to help you identify, celebrate and own the power of knowing what makes you a stand out. It is an urgent call-to-action to understand how to sell yourself: who are you, your personal values, your expertise, your mindset and your reputation – which is your personal brand.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau brought this topic to the forefront in a press conference recently when he pointed out that many Canadians today can expect to be in short term contracts.

Bonus: Your First Moment Earns You More Moments inspires readers at various stages of their professional life to dig deeper within, to achieve even greater personal satisfaction and professional success. Reading this book will help you do the following:
· Create a customized plan of action to help you better your current professional position.
· Learn how to sell, present, promote and pitch your expertise in a winning way to get jobs, leverage your current situation and further your career.
· Create your personal brand and marketing toolbox that will immediately get you noticed for the right reasons by decision makers.
· Master easy to apply, tested and proven, results-oriented branding, sales and presentation strategies.

Cost: Available from and for $19.99.

Benjamin Moore Reveals “Shadow” as its Colour of the Year 2017

Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year 2017, Shadow 2117-30

Benjamin Moore, North America’s favourite paint, colour and coatings brand, recently announced its highly anticipated Colour of the Year 2017 – Shadow 2117-30, a rich, royal amethyst. The colour leader also unveiled Colour Trends 2017, a corresponding palette consisting of deep, saturated hues. The Colour of the Year was unveiled to leading interior designers, influencers and media at an exclusive event in the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building of The New York Public Library.

The Benjamin Moore Colour Studio forecasts colour trends after a year of research attending major industry shows around the world, while also taking cues from standouts in architecture, fashion, textiles, home furnishings and the arts. Fine art emerged as a leading inspiration, highlighting the correlation between an artist’s use of colour and light to create mood.

The Colour Trends 2017 palette features 23 rich and sophisticated hues ranging from muted pales to saturated deeps. In curating the palette, the Colour Studio lent significant consideration to the pairing of colours and relationships between colour families, as well as a newfound level of colour confidence in deeper hues among design professionals and consumers. The inspirational Colour Trends 2017 colour card illustrates the use of colour in ways that celebrate how shadow and light travel throughout a space during the course of a day.

For more info visit   @BenjaminMooreCA   #ColourTrends2017

Retro Festive – Canada’s Pop Culture Christmas Store

Retro Festive, Canada’s Pop Culture Christmas Store, is making spirits bright again this holiday season with tens of thousands of kitschy gifts, toys and apparel from virtually every classic Christmas TV special, movie and more!

Canada’s original supplier of all things Griswold, Retro Festive introduces the Jelly of the Month Club gift set, inspired by the movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, exclusively in Canada. Features 12 jars of delicious jellies and jams made by Greaves Jams and Marmalades in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. The gift set also includes a monthly checklist with space for tasting notes, and a festive Jelly of the Month Club certificate.

December 18, 2016 will mark the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! television special that first aired on CBS and instantly became a Christmas classic. The narrator with the signature baritone voice, Boris Karloff, was an honourary Canadian. In the early 1900s Karloff was acting in Saskatchewan and British Columbia before heading to Hollywood, where he found fame as Frankenstein’s Monster and the voice of the Grinch. Retro Festive will offer new Grinchy products with surprise sales and celebratory specials throughout the season, in addition to ornaments, mugs, stockings, and plush toys that are already in stock!

In 2007 Tyler and Jordie Schwartz of Oakville, Ontario founded  Retro Festive  to meet the growing demand for holiday movie collectibles and Christmas kitsch. Tyler is the author of  A Christmas Story Treasury  (Running Press) published in 2013 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of America’s favourite Christmas movie and recount it’s humble Canadian beginnings.  For nearly a decade, Retro Festive  has made shoppers feel like a kid at Christmas!

– Shop In Person at Retro Festive  Flagship Store, 1100 Invicta Drive, Unit #1, Oakville – 
October 29 – December 24, 2016

– Retro Festive  at Toronto Christmas Market, Distillery District, Toronto – 
November 18 – December 22, 2016

– Retro Festive at Holiday Fair at Nathan Phillips Square
 – December 8 – 22, 2016

For more info  @RetroFestive or call (855) LEG-LAMP (534-5267)

Be A Handwriting Hero and Join the BIC Fight For Your Write Movement

The school year is quickly approaching, and parents across the country are preparing for their children’s first day back in the classroom. To help them get ready, BIC has developed a range of trendy writing tools and exciting handwriting activities that are certain to engage kids and motivate them for the upcoming school year.

Learning how to write by hand is an important skill that helps children become both independent and confident learners. That’s why BIC is encouraging Canadians to join the BIC Fight For Your Write movement. The campaign includes weekly handwriting challenges on to help prepare children for the upcoming school year and spark their creativity. For every challenge submission, BIC will donate $10 to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada to help ensure Canadian children and youth have access to the best possible tools for success.

Know the Facts: 

Experts recommend (at least) 15 minutes of handwriting each day for students.

Handwriting Engages 14 different abilities:
1. Visual Focusing
2. Mental Attention
3. Organized Physical Movements
4. Receptive Language
5. Inner Expressive Language
6. Memory Recall
7. Concentration with Awareness
8. Spatial Perception
9. Organization
10. Integration
11. Eye-Hand Coordination
12. Motor Planning
13. Tactile Input
14. Crossing Midline

We hope you’ll join the Fight for Your Write movement and be a Handwriting Hero #BICFFYW

SMILE – Next Generation of Laser Vision Correction

The third generation in laser vision correction, SMILE (SMall Incision Lenticule Extraction) is an innovative flapless and minimally invasive procedure that uses a femtosecond laser to treat short-sighted patients, often even those with very high prescriptions, astigmatism, thin corneas, dry eyes or contact lens intolerance. This groundbreaking procedure is available in Canada at industry leader the Herzig Eye Institute.

Ophthalmology has seen many technological changes over the last 30 years, especially in the field of laser vision correction. From PRK to LASIK, from microkeratome flaps to laser flaps, software and hardware improvements have resulted in safer, more accurate results for patients. SMILE is the next generation and a new way of thinking about laser vision correction.

Traditional laser correction procedures such as PRK and LASIK are not recommended for the treatment of severe short-sightedness or for patients who have severely dry eyes, rendering a number of patients ineligible for these procedures. SMILE combines the advantages of PRK and LASIK to correct refractive errors with a minimally invasive, flapless procedure where a lenticule is created inside the intact cornea and extracted in one piece through a micro incision using the Carl Zeiss VisuMax femtosecond laser. Because there is no flap, there are no flap-related complications.

With SMILE, the patient’s vision is treated in a single step with the VisuMax femtosecond laser allowing the biomechanical stability of the vital upper layers of the cornea to remain largely intact. For the patient, this means a gentle, minimally invasive operation with immediate results. The predictability of the results is particularly beneficial with high refraction values up to -10 diopters.

Additionally, there are improved safety benefits of SMILE. Many patients after laser vision correction suffer with prolonged dry eye symptoms. Because SMILE does not disturb the surface of the cornea except for a small peripheral 2mm incision, sparing the corneal nerve plexus, there is very little risk of dry eye.

Recently approved by Health Canada, SMILE has successfully been performed on over 500,000 patients worldwide, excluding the United States where it is currently undergoing clinical trials and won’t be available for another couple of years.

For a detailed eye examination or more info visit  @HerzigEye

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