Art Apart: National Theatre School of Canada


Where: Virtual Event
When: May 1, 2020

Details: After offering emergency financial support to emerging artists affected by the coronavirus crisis, the National Theatre School (NTS) is proud to announce the next phase of its Art Apart initiative. Online classes for theatre artists, an exhibition of set and costume design artworks will be presented online for the first time, as well as two performances by graduating students, beginning May 1, 2020.

Free Online Classes

In keeping with its mission to provide incomparable theatre training delivered from artist to artist, NTS will provide 10 online training programs covering all the theatre disciplines. Professional actors, directors, designers, composers and theatre makers, artists who are part of the teaching team at NTS, will offer free online classes available to all artists, to support the deepening of their craft during this time of isolation. This is another way to continue sharing knowledge and having a dialogue among artists across Canada. Head to to learn more about the teaching artists, the conferences, conversations and classes that will be offered online in the coming weeks.

New Words Festival
The New Words Festival is the culminating project of the graduating class of the English Section. This year, social distancing measures have forced campuses to close and students to stay home. But the show must go on – online that is. 
In only a few short weeks, the Directing, Acting and Playwriting students have boldly explored what it means to stage these plays in a virtual setting, adapting quickly and creatively to a challenging situation. You are invited to experience these innovative new plays and explore what intimacy, spontaneity and togetherness mean in a lockdown digital age.

The Game – May 1 & 2 on Zoom, live with audience interaction
 by Gillian Clark (Playwriting 3, Halifax, NS), directed by Angelica Schwartz (Directing 2, Winnipeg, MB), performed by graduating students from the Acting program

i am entitled to rest – May 4 to 6 on youtube
by Kalale Dalton-Lutale (Playwriting 3, Toronto, ON) and directed by Murdoch Schon (Directing 2, Montreal, QC), performed by graduating students from the Acting program


Digital Exhibition

Each year, 2nd-year students in Set and Costume Design present works created in the first two years of their training: costume sketches, set models, life drawings, paintings, etchings, and more. This virtual event is part of their exhibition design class. In the current situation, the exhibition has been transformed into a website, which is an equally relevant learning experience in their training. Don’t miss starting May 1.

More Details:  @ent_nts  @NTSofCanada