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Prince Hamlet at The Theatre Centre


Christine Horne as Prince Hamlet. Photo by Dahlia Katz

Where: Franco Boni Theatre, The Theatre Centre, 1115 Queen Street West
When: April 17-29, 2017
Cost:  All Tickets Pay-What-You-Can-AFFORD $5/$25/$50/$75. To purchase tickets call 416.538.0988 or tickets.theatrecentre.org

Details: Why Not Theatre marks their tenth anniversary in 2017 with a groundbreaking English and American Sign Language bilingual production of Prince Hamlet, adapted and directed by Why Not Artistic Director Ravi Jain. 
Ravi’s reordered, reconstructed and bilingual Prince Hamlet features a gender-bending, cross-cultural cast which illuminates the contemporary relevance of the 400-year-old play and asks the question “who gets to tell this story?”

Not yet two months after the death of his father the King, his mother has remarried and Prince Hamlet struggles to understand the world they live in. The ghost of his father directs Hamlet to avenge his murder, but is that the right thing to do? What is Hamlet’s responsibility? How does someone exist in a world that is not their truth?

In every way Ravi Jain makes theatre, he defies convention. The tenth anniversary of Why Not Theatre offers an opportunity for reflection and Jain is looking back to his first production of Prince Hamlet—Why Not’s inaugural production which The Globe and Mail called “an astonishingly absorbing piece of theatre for his first Toronto show”—to see what the future can offer.
This new production of Prince Hamlet stars the multi-award winning actress Christine Horne as Hamlet. Also starring Dawn Jani Birley, Miriam Fernandes, Jeff Ho, Christine Horne,
Hannah Miller,  Rick Roberts, Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah, Karen Robinson and Maria Vacratsis

Set and costume design by Lorenzo Savoini, lighting design by Andre du Toit and sound design by Thomas Ryder Payne.

In the pursuit of ticket price accessibility, Why Not is offering four different price points for the same general admission ticket, to be chosen based “pay-what-you-can-afford” for a night out.

More Info:  www.theatrewhynot.org  @theatrewhynot #PrinceHamlet